Welcome  This website is a personal view about designing and making models/tools in a home workshop.  Hopefully, the content of this site will inspire or encourage anyone to create something they can be proud of.   Engineering in a home workshop is usually about making models but for me I especially enjoy the creative aspect of engineering.  The making of the  gear generating machine (see Making Gears) is a good example as the end result is a totally unique machine created from only a brief outline description of the Sunderland gear operating concept and thereafter a substantial amount of experimentation..  The content, advice and opinions within these web pages are those of the author.  As such it is entirely the readers responsibility should they wish to follow or adopt the information herein.  Please be aware that workshop equipment can be dangerous if not used with care and due regard  of safety equipment and procedures.

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Very minor change to the fine feed unit on the BH600G.  I decided to revert back to the simple forward direction feed only as I never found a need for the reverse option.  This change simplifies the build and set-up considerably and resolves some of the problems that originally existed with the single feed plus eliminates the need for spring belt tensioning.  Picture above to be updated later  
Graham Howe



Gear Cutting machine based on the Sunderland method

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